Postcards from my New York trip over this summer in August 2018.
Photographs made with polaroid film and 35mm analog film.
The Flatiron Building, 175 5th Ave, NY  -  landmark build in June 1902 
black and white polaroid, 2018
Manhattan viewed from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, 2018
The Flatiron Building, 175 5th Ave, NY  -  landmark build in June 190 
color polaroid, 2018
The classic view from The Top of The Rock at Rockefeller Center, view towards The Empire State Building, NYC 2018
Coney Island, amusement park, NYC 2018
Coney Island, Subway Station, 2018
The Atlantic Ocean, view from Coney Island, NYC 2018
Under a bridge on Coney Island, NYC 2018
The Empire State Building, NYC 2018
Central Park Fountain, NYC 2018
Manhattan, NYC 2018
Classic buildings of NYC, 2018
The View, Rockefeller Center NYC
Still frame, just like an old american movie. On my way to MoMA, NYC
The Empire State Building, Viewed from the Rockefeller Center on the 70th floor
Don't cross! NYC
Short cut to the East Side, NYC
Coney Island trip, NYC
Lost in Translation, New York version
The Atlantic Ocean, 80's version
This is America, Times Square
NBC Studios, NYC
Constantin Brancusi, romanian artist, MoMA, NYC
The American Dream, Times Square
Yellow Cab, NYC
Skyscrapers of New York City
The Flat Iron Building, NYC
Tourists of New York
Springsteen on Broadway, NYC
NYPD, New York
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