Andreea Andrei is a visual artist based in United Kingdom. She was educated at Film School in Bucharest, Romania and National Film and Television School, London, United Kingdom.
Her work has been extensively exhibited and published both in the UK and internationally, including The Royal Photographic Society (Hundred Heroines, UK), TATE Exchange Program at TATE Modern Museum (UK), Folio Friday at The Photographer's Gallery (UK), PhotoScratch (UK), Camden Image Gallery (UK), BalKaniK Festival (RO), IN/OUT Transylvania Documentary Photo Festival (RO), PH21 Gallery (HG) , Float Photo (USA) , Romanian Photographer Saloon (RO), Revista Arte si Meserii (RO), Uncertain Magazine (RO), MoMA - Museum of Modern Art (USA) at Story of The day on Instagram, Culartes Magazine (RO), Sora Magazine (SP), BeaNU Magazine, Polaroid of The Day (SP), FleurandArbor (UK).
Her art focuses on social documentary, portraiture and fashion, and seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer.
Andreea is driven by the curiosity that lies between a real moment that unfolds before you're eyes and how you can freeze that moment in a photograph. She's drawn to engage in personal projects that she can relate to. She likes to know the person and try to make a deep connection with the person before photographing it. 
She uses on her personal projects her both film and polaroid cameras to explore the human emotions through the lens and try to capture the essence in that moment. She thinks that by having an old school camera with her it gives time and space for her sitter to be comfortable and show his/hers true self.

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